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This month is Sports Eye Safety Month

With the spring, along with more opportunity to engage in outdoor sports, comes a rise in the number of sports related eye injuries. Each year, many people, both young and old sustain sports related eye injuries that could be prevented with the right defense. Protecting your eyes while participating in sports is particularly important in high-risk sports or those that expose you to the sun such as hockey, baseball, lacrosse, racquetball, boxing, volleyball, or fishing.

You can prevent most sports eye accidents by using the proper protective eyewear right for the activity you're involved in. This will keep you injury-free and will often also have additional protection to block harmful ultra-violet light for outdoor play. This sort of eye wear is made to protect your eyes from certain accidents. Regular glasses typically aren't adequate for preventing impact, which means that a minor tumble can mean a serious sight-threatening injury.

Sports vision goes beyond using the appropriate eyewear. Eyesight is a primary factor of how well you play sports, so you must have clear vision. If you already need eyeglasses, you can get protective sports glasses or goggles with a prescription that will also help to correct your vision. If you wear contact lenses, you may require a different lens than the lenses you normally wear. Call your eye care professional about the options at your disposal.

Each sport has differing dangers and demands, so let your optometrist assess your unique situation and fit you with the correct glasses or lenses best for your vision. This will only help you gain the winning edge you need to excel and have fun and be safe when you play sports.

Each sport has different needs and risks, so it's important to let your optometrist identify your unique needs and provide the right glasses or lenses to maximize your vision. This will only help you gain the winning edge that'll help you succeed and have fun safely.

Playing sports and physical activity is an important part of a positive lifestyle. Nevertheless remember never to overlook the safety of your eyes and vision. Taking these extra precautions will only let you enjoy more years of playing sports and healthy vision.